Other Treatments

In addition to Active Release Techniques, Graston Technique, and Chiropractic care, we also provide other rehabilitation methods that allow us to offer an incredibly powerful combination of treatments designed to heal the human body.

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage / Clinical Massage / Cupping
We have fully certified massage therapy specialists who are also highly trained chiropractic assistants.  They possess extensive knowledge of anatomy, sports mechanics, posture, and various soft tissue therapies.  Our current staff includes:

  • Lisa Klobuchar LMT:
    • Experienced deep-tissue and sports massage therapist
    • National certification in prenatal massage
    • Cupping technique
    • Graston and IASTM tool assisted methods
  • Xalia Marquez LMT:
    • Experienced deep-tissue and sports massage therapist
    • Cupping Technique
    • Certified Myofascial Release
    • Prenatal massage work

Kinesiology Taping with Rocktape
This specialized taping technique has many benefits and can create incredible results.  It can be used to neurologically stimulate muscles that are weak,  inhibit those that are overactive, and aid in functional movements.  Rock tape gently lifts the skin, allowing for greater lymphatic drainage through a particular area.  Whether it is for general use or in preparation for a big race, any of our doctors would be happy to assist you in experiencing the optimal application of Rock Tape.

SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment)
The SFMA consists of a series of full body movement tests designed to identify inefficient movement patterns that may be creating pain and dysfunction in the body. The cornerstone of the SFMA is the idea that non-painful and seemingly unrelated movement impairments may contribute to the patient’s main complaint. This assessment is beneficial for everyone, but essential for athletes who may, unknowingly, have long standing chronic impediments that are limiting to their performance.

Dry Needling 
Dry Needling is a technique that uses the same type of needles used for acupuncture to aid in the healing of specific muscles.  It increases the healing in deep tissues that are difficult to get to with other methods.  It is a very different method than Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) / Acupuncture even though it uses a similar tool.  A TCM practitioner uses acupuncture needles to fix a vast array of different systemic issues while Dry Needling is just for targeting an issue in a very specific muscle.  Dry Needling requires a very high understanding of muscle anatomy and an ability to target specific deep muscle structures which goes well with the anatomy expertise of our doctors.  Many stubborn problems that are resistant to other therapies will respond well to Dry Needling.
– Practitioners for Dry Needling: Dr. Anthony Kelley, Dr. Dylan Drynan